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George Eliot

This is a virtual escape room that exhibited in 2021 Coventry University's recruitment festival. It's about the story of an author -- George Eliot, which is one of the buildings' name of Coventry University.

George Eliot

is the pen name chosen by a female author Mary Ann Evans.

She's a Victorian writer born in 1819 at South Farm, Arbury Hall, near Nuneaton.

She chose a male pen name so that her works were taken seriously, in response to an 1856 essay she wrote for the Westminster Review, ‘Silly Novels by Lady Novelists’.

Her legacy is tied to Warwickshire and the areas around Coventry.

During the pandemic of Covid-19, people were forced to "trap" in their home from avoiding infected by the virus. This virtual escape room allows the users to have fun and enjoy their time remotely. 

While browsing through the websites, players are allowed to explore about the life and story about George Eliot, which also helps them from collecting clues to solve the puzzle.

I was honoured to receive an invitation from our digital media's course director -- Dr. Bianca Wright to get involved in a virtual escape room project for the 2021 Coventry University's Recruitment Festival.


The process of completing the whole project is challenging but fun. As a digital media designer, coding is also part of my interest but I’m not an expert in JavaScript. I tried to push myself from enhancing my web design skills, especially JavaScript. I spent a lot of time for preparing and organising the storyline and coding part to make sure providing the best experience for the audience.

Hopefully, my results turn out well and I'm obsessed with what I've done. 


Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 17.35.48.png

Coding process


Creating an interactive web experience isn't an easy task. Preparing an escape room was more tough than I thought because it require a lot of logical thinking and research. Although there're more to improve in this project, I'm still very satisfied with my improvement from my last coded website.

I'm so grateful to have Dr. Bianca for giving me such a great chance to showcase my artefact.

Books written by George Eliot & statue of her

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