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This is a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project which involved students from Coventry University, UK and The Knowledge Hub (TKH), Egypt. This 2D animation film is created by Claudia and Johnnie from Coventry University; Amina and Basmalla from TKH.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused people from all around the world couldn't travel easily to reunion with their friends and families. Basically, this is a story of 4 childhood friends (Claudia, Johnnie, Basmalla and Amina) who are currently staying in different places due to the pandemic. Although they can’t meet their friends in face-to-face, but they’re still able to talk and update their daily lives with each other with the online platform.

Character List

claudia full body.png

The storyline of this 2D animation film is inspired from people's day-to-day life during lockdown. Claudia and her teammates would like to show how COVID-19 affect their life, and how people connect and keep in touch with their families and friends online. Everyone is "trapped" in their house, but they still need to continue their studies remotely. Rather than a perfect fictional storyline, this story shows a realistic part of people’s daily routine during the pandemic. 


For example, Basmalla’s puppy is walking around her bedroom; Claudia’s mum shouts at her to lower down her voice in the midnight. The time zone is based in 3 different countries: UK, Malaysia and Egypt. Each of the character’s bedroom has a window that shows a glimpse of the country's time.

This work was one of Claudia's first year projects, and she felt honoured to complete a collaborative project with students from Egypt. Although all of them are from different countries, but she didn’t find any gap between themselves and they could communicate comfortably.


Claudia learned and improved a lot while working with those productive and hardworking teammates and she really enjoyed the experience. On the other hand, she felt bad that they couldn't meet each other in face to face because of the pandemic.


Claudia were satisfied with the 2D animation film as the results and progress went very well.

BOOM script

BOOM Script

(Claudia & Johnnie)

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