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Escape from the
V  I  R  U  S

This is a creative coding digital media project which used Processing 5 to create. This maze game is done by Claudia and her teammate, Johnnie during her first year of degree.

To escape from the maze, the player needs to stay away from the virus and find the only exit. The score is based on how fast the player can exit from the maze, so the lower score, the better record. In addition, the game will reset automatically if the player touches the virus or the maze’s walls.​​​​​​​

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Before deciding what to do for this project, Claudia and Johnnie had been struggling for a long time. After discussing, they decided to create a game which is related with Covid-19.

Through the game, the user would understand that it's not easy to keep away from the virus as they're all moving everywhere, and staying at home is the best way to avoid it

The colour of the background, shapes and strokes had been chosen after plenty of demonstration because they figure out that the game experience could be different according to the colour tone and audio selection. 

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