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A short romantic film about how the main character

tries to recover from a broken relationship in a unique way.

‘Love Canal’, a true love which is found from a canal.

This is a romantic web series about how the main character tries to recover from a broken relationship in a unique way.


The key point of this story is the message in a bottle from the canal, those are the factors that lead 2 of the main characters to connect, and also the reason for this film’s title -- ‘Love Canal’.

In this story, the main character (Adrian) is suffered from getting over his ex-girlfriend, but his best friend, Abi who gets annoyed by his sad feelings suggests he to write a message with his feelings in a bottle and throw it into the canal.


Unexpectedly, the environmentalist and easy-going girl, Claudia (the female heroine) have picks up the bottle and starts to contact Adrian after reading the message. On the other hand, Abi and Adrian’s ex have some secrets that no one knows while Adrian is having a hard time.


In the rest of the episodes, Adrian and Claudia’s love story will be continued but also be some dispute with the other two characters, Abi and Adrian’s ex. The reason for this doubt and who is Adrian’s ex-girlfriend will be revealed in the rest of the series.

Branding & Promotion

A short trailer of Love Canal.

What will happen next if someone picks up the bottle?

Other supporting work


Behind the scene

Logo design draft

Claudia is the cinematographer, graphic designer and also the game designer of this web series. She feel very nervous with such a big group but they run the project well together unexpectedly. It's a whole new experience for Claudia as it's her first time filming and taking so many equipments outdoor. This project has taught her how to organise all the task evenly to each of the teammates, and manage their time to complete their work before the deadline.

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