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Love Yourselves

This is a project which launches by Claudia since her first year of degree. This project has been working for 3 years with 3 parts, which the 3rd part is still working in progress.

WOMEN are being prejudiced by their appearance




The project Love Yourselves is about people often being prejudice against women with their appearance. This issue has been suffering women for centuries. As a woman, Claudia have the first-hand experience and she truly understand how it feels while undergoing this issue. 

According to research, alarming amounts of sexism and discrimination against women occur frequently at work, in the community, and media online. This problem is seriously affecting women’s self objectification, mental and physical health.

Personality & Life Experience

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We are beautiful

No matter what skin colour, body shape, height or appearance we are having, we are all beautiful.

This work was inspired from a post from Instagram, which is a picture of a mother showing the stretch mark on her body after giving birth.


Although she's struggling from her "imperfect body", but Claudia still think that she's really brave and beautiful. Rather than judging how her body looks, Claudia realise that the public should show more respect to women. Everyone is born to be different, but they don't deserve any appearance discrimination

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After a year, Claudia decided to enhance her work with a 3D game . . .

Claudia found that an enjoyable 3D game would be helpful for her to raise the public's awareness about the judgement against women's appearance. Through the game, the audience could experience as a victim who's suffering this serious issue. She hopes that people could stop judging and show empathy towards the victims who has involved in this issue after the game experience. 

In the Unity game that I've created, the player will walk around the bar and have conversation with the people she meets. While talking with others, people only say something bad about her appearance. On the other hand, there's a mirror somewhere in the bar, when she get closed with it, the mirror will tell some positive words to encourage her!

The place setting of this game is a bar. There're a few people chilling here but when the player tries to interact with them, they only give bad comments about the player's appearance. Although the main character looks perfect through the reflection of the mirror but she still receive a lot of judgement of how she looks.

"Deffo Not Art" exhibition was held on the 8th and 9th of Dec 2021. It's an exhibition for all 2nd year Digital Media students from Coventry University to show their interactive activism project. 

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In the end of 2022, Claudia decided to continue enhancing her idea by producing an immersive and thoughtful story for the users. As an improvement of her last project, this VR experience allows the users to have an immersive experience through the headset. Claudia wishes this project could encourage women to embrace their flaws and raise people’s awareness about this problem.

Love yourselves
Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 13.58.42.png

This is a 6 months VR project: 

3 months for planning, organising the proposal;

3 months for making, launching the VR experience and user testing.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 13.56.58.png

The story of this VR experience is about a girl, the main character who feels very insecure with the birthmark on her face. She always thinks that people are judging and not welcoming her due to how she looks. However, this kind of case doesn’t happen all the time. She is overwhelmed by the love and kindness given by people around her. On the other hand, another girl who she admired is suffering in harassment unexpectedly.


This story is formed to alert the users, especially women that this common problem shouldn’t be ignored by people and action must be taken if they find something isn’t going on the right path.


Why VR?

VR creates several artificial senses, including hearing, seeing and feeling. The use of VR technology is widespread for different applications. For instance, video games, education, media, design etc. Its popularity has grown significantly in the past few years and it’s very common in the public. People have known this technology well and willing to try because they enjoy the experience. 

I believe that VR provides a more interesting experience to audiences, and it could stay in their mind longer than other infographics. Consumers are also given the impression that they are experiencing genuine places, real sounds, and real sights.

This project is currently making in progress and it'll officially launch in April 2023. 

This work will be proudly exhibited at Coventry University's degree show in May 2023.

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