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Short Films & Videos

As a digital media designer, Claudia has been exploring and practicing every part that she's interested in. Through her degree, her editing skills are getting mature but still more to improve. 


This short video is created by Claudia about the highlight of her Europe trip.

This is her first time editing a reel video with Instagram and it's harder than she thought to match all the transition on tone with the background music.


As we know that since 2020, Covid-19 has totally changed our lifestyle.

This animated infographic is made for encouraging people to protect and take care of themselves from getting infected by the virus!

While Claudia was studying her degree, one of the weekly tasks is about producing a video of how she spend her spare time during lockdown.

This video is about Claudia watching YouTube and doing bullet journal while staying at home.


This is a short video which done by Claudia during her first semester of her degree.

During that time, she was studying remotely under the pandemic, and she was given an individual task to film and edit a video with iMovie within 45 minutes.

While shooting the scene of lighting the candle, she was struggled using the matches and caused her retaking the same scene for 5-6 times to get the best result.

This video is edited by Claudia before studying this course. During that time, she didn't have any experience in editing film but she still tried her best for using it as one of her portfolios.

This vlog was made to apply for her degree, and it's about a short trip of a bunch of youngsters. Claudia is in charged of the video editor, and her friends are the videographers of this VLOG.

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