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The Bakester

The Bakester is an online bakery which based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. 

It's founded by Claudia Lim during the pandemic in 2021. The Bakester combines the flavour of Malaysia's traditional and modern pastry to provide the best and unique pastries for the customers. 

Logo Design


2021 Feb


2021 July


2021 August

Idea and Inspiration

Before starting a new business, Claudia has taken research about advertising and marketing a business. She wants to stand out her bakery differently with her own unique style to pique the audiences' eye and interest.


As an earth colour tone lover and minimalist, Claudia firstly design a simple logo with the bakery's name. She thinks that this could be a good way to let the customers memorising their sign and also social media accounts' name.


After launching for a few months, Claudia wishes to design a brand new logo for stickers to put on every product. After sketching and adjusting a few times, the brand new logo with a cream on top of a baking whisk has produced. The design of the new logo has remained with her own preference but with an eye-catching illustration.

A month then, Claudia realises that putting the logo as their Instagram account's profile picture isn't a very good choice. The white texts which surrounded by the circle aren't easy to be seen, so she changed the white texts to black, and keep the rest design same.

Animated video was created by Claudia to promote the bakery by using Adobe After Effects. Although it's just a simple animation, Claudia has successfully convey the message in a very special and lively method.

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