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Time Machine

This is a 3D immersive cinematic project which build by Claudia, Owais, Lisa, Jasmine and Yueyang in 2022. 

This 3D reveals the main character who thrusted into the bleak year of 3022, and experiences the draught consequences of his negligence of climate change and wastage. 


The main character is a barista from Sunbucks and he is a person who doesn't care anything about the environment and the usage of natural resources. This film has shown his daily routine: from waking up, getting ready for work, the journey to the cafe and serving the customers. One day, he's late for work and he decides to grab a taxi to his workplace, but he doesn't realise that the crazy scientist, Dr.Anderson is the taxi driver. Something is not right after getting on the car and he finds that everything surrounding have totally changed...


In this project, everyone was required to create a character and Claudia was in charged of modelling the main character. Since it was her first time using Cinema 4D, Claudia found that it's very difficult to build a human, especially its face. Since her lecturer only teach them about creating a penguin during the classes, Claudia needed to learn how to model a human character and also its clothes on her own. Although the process was more tough than she thought, she still made it successfully! 

Unfortunately, there're some issue occurred while exporting the fbx file. The material of the character couldn't export well so Claudia decides to leave the character's clothes in black.

The timeline in this 3D cinematic film is divided by 2022 (present) and 3022 (future). To give a contrast effect of the environment, the designers would need to create every scene in 2 versions, which is 2022 and 3022.

Each of the members is assigned to build 1 or 2 Unity scenes for their project. From the images on the right, users could easily differentiate which scenes are in the present and the future.

The present street view scene is created by Claudia.

Picture 2.jpg
Picture 1.jpg
Park Scene
Picture 3.jpg
Picture 4.jpg
Coffee Shop Scene
Picture 6.jpg
Picture 5.jpg
Street Scene

The Unity part of this project didn't go well at first. Claudia and her teammates had met a lot of difficulties on technical issues and they hadn't the ability to solve until meeting their module leader, Mr Boyd Branch to fix it.

Claudia is the head of Unity development in this project. Among her group members, she has the most experience in Unity. She's in charged of the timeline animation and the final editing of this group work. 

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